Another Republican against something until they needed it

I know the point of this Daily Kos story was that Republicans have no ideas on how to insure people if their attacks on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) should succeed, but what sticks in my craw was Erin Meredith, the subject of the story—a woman in Texas who was against Obamacare, but then needed it and now wants to keep it.

How many times to do we have to watch this insufferable phenomenon play out, where ignorant Republicans, Libertarians and Tea Partiers complain and protest something UNTIL IT AFFECTS THEM? Is that what has to happen for things to improve in America—every single conservative has to lose their job, become gay, get sick, lose their home in foreclosure or become disabled before they see the light and suddenly empathize with what liberals have been trying to explain all along?

We know already that conservative brains predispose them more to being fearful, so what is it about their brains that renders conservatives incapable of empathizing with others until they are hit with similar circumstances? While fear is primal, humans can minimize the fear they feel through experience and knowledge. Perhaps conservatives are lazier about obtaining that knowledge and experience. The same goes for empathy. There are those of us who have not had easy lives and so we empathize with people who need help—who are sick, homeless, unemployed, mentally ill and living check to check. Then there are conservatives—selfish, primal beings who somehow got to adulthood with a minimal ability to empathize. Perhaps this was due to being raised in a bubble and insulated from people not like themselves. Maybe they were spoiled growing up. Maybe their moms and dads taught them to feel entitled. Maybe their “faiths” failed to instill Christ-like compassion in their hearts, minds and souls. Whatever it was, their predictable selfishness eventually wins the day. They are like Erin Meredith was—people who have no compunction about fighting to withhold assistance from fellow human beings in desperate need, until they selfishly need assistance for themselves. Then they selfishly fight to keep the assistance they finally realized was helpful and necessary. Only then, do the rest of us benefit from these programs—AFTER enough of these conservatives in need have discovered those programs were helpful for themselves.

Just Google “anti-gay congressman comes out” and you’ll be presented with dozens of stories of anti-gay politicians, who suddenly reversed their anti-gay stance after realizing or admitting they were gay or a family member of theirs was gay. I’m sure there are hundreds, if not thousands of similar anti-Obamacare folks who hated the idea of a “government giveaway” of health care coverage for all Americans, until they realized it helped themselves. This is who they are.